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Key Truck Route Maps Missing From FERC DEIS

November 19, 2014, by Support Team in FERC DEIS , Pipeline

The "Constitution" Pipeline Company (CP) has released maps showing the heavy truck traffic routes for the construction of the proposed pipeline. Basically every town and county road within three to five miles would be used.

All of this information should have been included in the DEIS. See the maps here.

Truck routes Davenport+Harpersfield

by Support Team

Truck routes Meredith+Davenport+Kortright

by Support Team

Truck routes Meredith + Davenport

by Support Team

Truck routes Franklin

by Support Team

truck routes_Sidney

by Support Team

Water Testing and Inspection of Buildings

November 3, 2014, by Support Team in Pipeline
Some landowners have recently received letters from Vibra-Tech, a subcontractor of the “Constitution” Pipeline Co., asking permission to test their well water (or spring), and to document the inside of their homes. These requests raise many issues and concerns.

Letter to the Editor: Residents Need to Remain Vigilant on Pipeline

by Support Team

Letter to the Editor on new pipeline proposal published by Schoharie News:

Refuse all access !!!

June 12, 2014, by Support Team in Pipeline

In November 2012, I refused to give Constitution Pipeline (CP) permission to survey my land and will continue to do so. This dangerous high-pressure interstate gas pipeline would ruin my property as well as that of my neighbors. The fight to stop them has been fierce and the outcome undecided.

In June of 2014, to my dismay, I received a package about the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct Project, announcing an even larger pipeline, again asking for permission to survey.

They enclosed a map of my property. At first glance it looked like CP's map. Upon closer inspection I saw a slight difference. The pipelines appear to be parallel running side by side about 100 feet apart. 

My message is that once there's a pipeline, many more will follow. The pipelines will spawn heavy industry and fracking.

The best way to stop this destruction of our way of life is to refuse all access and state that you will fight them. Spread the word… it’s essential.

Davenport Town Board Speaks Out: NO Pipeline

by Support Team in FERC DEIS

Davenport Town Board Tells FERC NO

Kudos to the Davenport Town Board and Supervisor Dennis Valente for sending a clear, sharply worded resolution to FERC stating opposition to the Constitution Pipeline. Further, the resolution states that any actions by Constitution Pipeline to route the line through the Town of Davenport will meet vigorous opposition.